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iPhone : You may be wondering what we're up to; we haven't heard from leadership after a second petition of over 500 names, so employees are having a town hall on Friday to decide what's next for us. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far!

iPhone : Does your workplace have an employee matching program? Could you organize a similar initiative? For us, we circulated a simple msg: 1) raise awareness, 2) ask employees to donate and complete official steps to match, 3) circulate a google form for people to note their donation

iPhone : We continue in dialogue w/leadership to address this top-down; we’re also taking direct action NOW by encouraging employee to donation to orgs like RAICES via a Wayfair employee matching program! So far we are at $22.7K, which will be doubled by Wayfair. #WayfairWalkout

Android : Worth Rises In These Times wayfairwalkout No Kids In Cages In these dark times, seeing this constant stream of employees walk out of the Wayfair offices is making my heart soar.

They are putting their values over personal risk.

They are showing the real power everyday people have.



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iPhone : The #wayfairwalkout happening now!

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Android : We want to remind our colleagues and our partners that we will still continue the dialogue with our leadership team and do not support any current or future leaking of that conversation. We look forward to joining our community as we walk out at 1:30pm.

Android : All in the Boston area are welcome to join us! Meet us in Copley Square at 1:30pm. Bring your energy, some water, and sunscreen. Bonus points if you can bring some to share :)

Android : If you aren’t in Boston and would like to stand in solidarity with us, feel free to take a photo of you and your coworkers/club/group. Tweet at us / drop it in our DMs. We’d love the support!

Android : #WayfairWalkout friends! Trinity Church at Copley Square is aware of the walkout today. They have a blanket policy against using their base, so we want to ask everyone to be an awesome Boston citizen & respect their wishes! Stay in the square & off the steps, please!