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Bio Our mission is to tell the story of the engineers that guided humans to the moon and back. #hackthemoon
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iPhone : .Ohio States band gave us a quick history lesson πŸš€πŸŒ‘

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Sprout Social : This is it. Hack the Moon LIVE is coming to a close.😭 Tomorrow, 10/5 from 5 - 10 PM is your last chance to learn about the engineers behind the #Apollo missions & experience our Lunar Landing Flight Simulator.πŸŒ• Continue exploring at WeHacktheMoon.com. #HacktheMoon

iPhone : How does it feel to be the only woman in the room? Like you are under a microscope because you are: During Apollo 8 sims, I discovered there was a camera focused just on me. twitter.com/cspanhistory/s…

iPhone : πŸŒ• Full Moon Friday... the 13th πŸŒ•

Too spooky? Hunker down and learn more about NASA’s current and future lunar plans at moon.nasa.gov

#Artemis #FridayThe13th pic.twitter.com/eIobUk2MeA

Sprout Social : Engineer Bill Widnall describes the unique difficulty of landing on the moon. Its a wonder we ever got there, let alone 50 years ago. #hackthemoon

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Sprout Social : Bill Anders, an astronaut for Apollo 8, described the next-to-impossible feat of returning home from space. And you thought getting to the moon was the hard part? #hackthemoon bit.ly/33m9agk

Sprout Social : People didnt trust computers to fly planes until #NeilArmstrong used one to get to the moon and back. Learn more about how the innovations developed during the #Apollo missions are part of your everyday life. #hackthemoon

Sprout Social : Journey to the moon with never-before-seen images and videos from the #Apollo missions. bit.ly/2HWUsEg

Sprout Social : Instead of landing a giant rocket on the moon and blasting off again, a feat that wouldve taken massive amounts of energy, John Houbolt proposed a new, revolutionary way to reach the moon and return home. #hackthemoon

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Sprout Social : It was like building the first ship to cross the Atlantic without ever touching the ocean. #hackthemoon bit.ly/2HWUsEg

Sprout Social : One of the last people to step foot on the moon, astronaut-scientist Harrison Schmitt described his visit: It is deeper than the Grand Canyon. Theyre brilliantly illuminated by the sun...It is truly a magnificent place to be... bit.ly/33f625H

Sprout Social : Strange orange soil found during NASAs Apollo 17 mission helped us learn about former volcanoes on the moon. #hackthemoon bit.ly/33f2tfR
Image courtesy of NASA

iPhone : Loving the vibe at #MoonRocks tonight! Head over to Draper for a FREE show. #MuseumoftheMoon lights up at 8 PM.

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