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Android : RECAP:

1. Trump gave Turkey permission to slaughter the Kurds

2. Turkey is slaughtering the Kurds

3. Turkey is also attacking American troops

4. Russia jumped in and they’re bombing Syrian hospitals

5. Republicans are tweeting bible verses and offering thoughts and prayers

Android : Who wanted Trump to withdraw U.S. troops and abandon the Kurds? Not the Defense or the State Department. Not the foreign policy establishment or the American people. Not Republicans or Democrats.
Who wanted Trump to abandon the Kurds and withdraw U.S. troops? Erdogan. And Putin.

Android : You know why it's a first, Donnie? We aren't mercenaries.

If you want to send mercenaries to SA, go round up all the meal team 6 minutemen who are already geared up to play soldier for you. I'm sure they'll step up.

What happened to all the weapons we've been selling SA?…

Android : Who gave the most devastating testimony to trump in the impeachment inquiry so far? A woman.

Who is leading the House that will impeach him? A woman

Who was the first person to call for his impeachment? A woman

Who will save Democracy? Women

Who will defeat Trump in 2020?

Android : Trump is sending troops to Saudi Arabia after abandoning the Kurds because they, “Weren’t there at Normandy.”

Someone should tell this ignorant jackass where Saudi Arabia was on 9/11.

Android : Listen to what the President said about the ambassador... see if you can catch the incredibly obvious lie. Anderson Cooper examines Trumps statement saying he doesnt know former US Amb. Marie Yovanovitch, a claim that is contradicted by the transcript.

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Android : Donald J. Trump Still don't know how to spell CHOKED, Spanky? What a moron.

But nobody will ever look as weak and pathetic as YOU look now.

The walls are closing in. One by one, your crooked comrades are going down, and all the tweets in the world won't save you.

*Chock* on THAT, Twitler.

Android : "Deangelo Williams covers cost of 500 mammograms to honor mom who died of breast cancer"

These are the kinds of ppl who make America great👍…