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iPhone : Sean Hill Exactly. Hustles has bustles and occupies defenders, but always loses his way and rarely gets a decent cross away. Maybe he can improve. Will be interesting to watch him. Whether Leeds want to gamble on him again (via a second loan spell) remains to be seen

iPhone : Sean Hill Know what you’re saying but it’s still nonsense. Saiz is only 28, same age as Chris Wood (£15m). For context Juan Mata is 31 and so is Alexis Sanchez. Saiz would be at least £10m+ if he could be more disciplined. Harrison will never make the Prem & isn’t great in the Championship

iPhone : Jonny I thought it was bullocks too, but it genuinely seems Man City are trying to slap a huge price tag on him. I agree he’s not good enough. Although he did contribute a fair bit in terms of team effort.

iPhone : Tell you what’s bonkers. Harrison supposedly rated at £15m+ but Saiz barely expected to raise £3m. I f*cking loved Saiz. Alongside Pablo he’s one of the most talented players we’ve seen in over 15 years at #LUFC. Really sad if he doesn’t fulfill his potential somewhere.

iPhone : ⚽️ChatLUFC⚽️ Jason LUFC Again, that’s flawed logic. We very nearly DID go up - and will hopefully go one better this time. Sure, you’re entitled to your opinion though. Personally I’m prouder than ever to be Leeds at the moment, and if the ownership is good enough for Bielsa it’s good enough for me 👍🏼

iPhone : Scott I reckon he’d be an attractive signing for the likes of Sheff Utd or Norwich. Who knows, he might even fancy going abroad or back to Malmo. Let’s see.

iPhone : ⚽️ChatLUFC⚽️ Jason LUFC Using that logic we can pick up on anything that didn’t go well in the season. Roofe got injured “it cost us promotion!” Kiko made two mistakes. “It cost us promotion!” Saiz wanted to leave “it cost us promotion!” Get a grip mate. The club is on the up.

iPhone : I hope he does, he’s the best CB in the division. But I can see him pushing for a move. He’s given us 3 seasons now and won’t get a better chance to try the Prem. Hope I’m wrong but we’ve seen it so many times, I can see them coming now. #LUFC twitter.com/ljk20042k17/st…

iPhone : ⚽️ChatLUFC⚽️ Jason LUFC Radz isn’t rich but he’s doing well. Recruitment needs to be better this season, yes, and January did not go well but that’s football. He’s done enough to earn our full support. He’s not above criticism but “Radz Out” is ridiculous and childish.

iPhone : John Evans No, that was misunderstood. What he meant was, because of the circumstances (injuries etc), this team had to perform at superhuman levels. They won’t be under quite the same levels of pressure again next season