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Bio Im a lawyer and researcher. I do metropolitan policy research, with a focus on fair housing, school integration, and demography. Opinions are very much my own.
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iPhone : Sniper who served in Gallagher’s platoon, speaking out for 1st time, tells The New York Times Trump played role in making case a “national clown show.” To him, Trump’s actions show “he doesn’t trust any of the troops or their leaders to make the right decisions.” nytimes.com/2019/11/30/us/…

iPhone : Lunacy. The cost of a million frontpage NYT safaris into Heartland Dinerville. The whole country at the mercy of an imaginary laid-off steelworker who is simultaneously treated as all-powerful and held in the utmost contempt twitter.com/ssamcham/statu…

iPhone : Just realized that what the studio execs mean by "relevant to a modern audience" is actually just "how do we make this hero inextricably and ideologically linked to America relevant in a way that *won't* piss of the Chinese government?"

iPhone : what does this prove? By this logic “I’m with her” was a killer slogan too twitter.com/indivisible592…

iPhone : Osita Nwanevu A lot of our politics is driven by the fact that certain ideas are pleasurable to express, for various reasons, usually because they make the speaker feel smart, savvy, or superior:
-really aggressive, Orwell-style up-is-down lying

iPhone : The explanation for this is usually understood to be that the unfortunate candidate simply lacked the wisdom to do the correct thing. Alternatively they are described as being foolishly led astray by Actual Beliefs

iPhone : The actual viewpoint of our political wise man class is that there is a scientifically correct set of policy positions for a Democrat, and if someone like Warren is struggling in the polls, it’s because she has inexplicably avoided those positions, which are known to everyone

iPhone : The fiction the political media adopts is that policy views are determined somewhere out there in the collective unconsciousness and the media’s role is to simply report those views. Sort of raises the question of who they’re trying to inform if not voters twitter.com/superninfreak/…

iPhone : Will Stancil Maybe M4A became less popular because debate moderators focused like a laser on tax increases and taking away private health insurance from people who are happy with it, and haven’t asked candidates about any of the benefits of M4A.

iPhone : Will Stancil I mean voters aren’t going to magically come into politics already understanding policy issues. They’re educated by the media. And if the media only tells them about negative sides of a policy, and doesn’t tell them about the positives, voters will come out thinking it’s bad.

iPhone : The idea that the public was put off by the content of the policy proposals, rather then the concurrent media dogpile, is just lunkheaded in the extreme.

iPhone : M4A didn’t suddenly become toxic when Warren touched it, the media just went after her like it always does a new frontrunner and scapegoated it on her policy views