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Twitter Web App : This is the biggest display of mass public civil disobedience since the fall of the Berlin Wall exactly 30 years ago // George Kerevan…

Twitter Web App : Adam Jentleson 🎈🐢 Mehdi Hasan Amazon is a tax-less parasite helping create a surveillance dystopia

If you taxed the rich properly -and- cut the link between wealth and political influence one entity would not dominate hard and digital content and a warehouse manager with a god complex would not be a king.

Twitter Web App : Khashoggi’s Ghost Any Blue folks are hilarious. Pelosi -can't- have an impeachment vote because "moderates" wouldn't. Pelosicrats funded concentration camps With No Strings Attached

There is one party in America and one alibi for folks who actually dgaf but want to feel righteous before brunch

Twitter Web App : Hillary Clinton And Clinton has nothing to add. She was -proudly- the lesser evil even in 2016. The same folks who said she was tough and tested howled she was fatally wounded by an elderly socialist who birds stop to chat with

All she can do is turn the election into a issue-less grudge match.

Twitter Web App : Hillary Clinton She really isn't, white America not only chose this racist mobster they -still- keep him in office

Until Democrats acknowledge #crosscheck voter dumping and other voter suppression made the difference, and act like they believe it, there isn't an argument she should be president

Twitter Web App : Claude Taylor Nancy Hernandez She can't do her own job which is to check the Executive, now she's auditioning for what? Secretary of State? You folks never tire of this kabuki.

Try calling an actual vote to formally start impeachment and locking up folks who refuse to cooperate. Eat the crisis on your plate.

Twitter Web App : #news
Petri Mäkelä

#BREAKING Hundreds of thousands of protesters are marching from five different Catalan cities to join the protest in Barcelona against the sentences of separatist leaders.

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Twitter Web App : #IstandWithCatalonia

Twitter Web App : Darryl D Nancy Hernandez Wow. Great! So there will actually be positions Democrats must have to be Democrats? That is an exciting change. So what are they?

Pro-choice? Hm no.

Gun control? Pelosi just endorsed an ammosexual.

Anti-regime change? Hahahahahaha. Sorry. Sorry.

This might be kinda tough.

Twitter Web App : woo woo bitch Walking soul poison. It's good their mark of the beast is bright red. You can't miss it. Any argument is a win for them. Let them call their own meetings somewhere else not steal yours

If you can ignore them their masters will throw them away

Then they can skip all their meals.

Twitter Web App : Carmen Yulín Cruz Even Trump knows he is not really the president of anything. He's still a shockingly ignorant mobster, racist and bigot, still a tier D reality TV clown, still a cheat and serial bankrupt

That is his background. And that is what he has spread from the White House from day one

Twitter Web App : Medicare For All is Single-Payer Because if the scream about bots they don't have to talk about policy

If they rave about third parties their candidate doesn't have to try to reach voters who haven't come out and bridge the policy gap to the left which, one would assume, is smaller than the one to the right.

Twitter Web App : MSNBC Vanita Gupta Chuck Todd It seems unusual that a person would admit their platform is not only useless for finding accurate information but will deliberately spread lies to all of its users

Useful for anyone who still hadn't decided to delete it but unusual