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Twitter Web Client : While France BURNS, Macron gives 20 million dollars to Islamic terrorists
- It sounds unbelievable. I would say that I can't believe a government could be so stupid, but I'm from Trudeau’s Canada so nuff said!… via @pamelageller

Twitter Web Client : Patriots rally in front of Canadas Parliament to protest #UNMigrationCompact and protect our countrys border and sovereignty.
Protesters chant No Trudeau, hes got to go!

RT, RT, RT! You dont see this on #FakeNews #MSM
#NoUNMigrationPact #UNCompact

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Twitter Web Client : Must watch:
The CIA drone struck an Afghan Taliban HQ in Helmand Province. Reportedly, 27 Afghan Islamic Jihad terrorists died in this attack, including some senior Afghan Taliban leaders.

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Twitter Web Client : #GreatAwakening
Over 1,000 Swedes protest against mass refugee influx and the infamous UN Global Migration Pact in front of the Swedish Parliament:
It is time to bring out our inner Vikings as we continue the fight for Sweden!

Will Canada be next?

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Twitter Web Client : A $ spent on foreign refugees in US means a $ LESS available for most needed US citizens.. Why don't Dem. voters, many of them are poor, understand this? 🤔🤔
REPORT: MORE THAN HALF Of Foreign Refugees In U.S. Receive Food Stamps… … via @100percFEDUP

Twitter Web Client : Calling Prophet Muhammad a Pedophile Not Protected by Free Speech, European Court of Justice Rules.
SHARIA has no place in the EU and any civilized world! Get out while you can!…

Twitter Web Client : llegal invaders broke through border fence earlier, but were thankfully met with smoke pellets & pepper spray by US Border Patrol.
This is an invasion, fully funded by George Soros Open Borders groups to usher in Democrat voters and take over our country.

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Twitter Web Client : Banning Laura Loomer is a disgusting attack on freedom of speech & decency. Her bravery as Jewish woman calling out the Jew hatred / hypocrisy from Ilhan Omar & #HamasCaucus is second to none. Why does Twitter punish people for standing against forced female genital mutilation?…

Twitter Web Client : UN Migration Pact is bombing!!
Australia is the newest country refuses to sign UN migration pact, citing risks to turnbacks and detention. 👍👍
RT if you demand Canada gov to follow the suit !!

Twitter Web Client : 3/
35-year-old Brittany N. Frost was arrested near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Madison Street. Frost was lodged at the Multnomah County Jail on a charge of Interfering with a Peace Officer.
RT to make them famous 😂😂

Twitter Web Client : Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary....
Today, patriots across all Canadian cities gather to protest #UNMigrationCompact and say NO to #Globalism .
Protesters chant #TrudeauMustGo !

#UNCompact #AntiUNCompactRally
#UNGlobalCompact #UNMigrationCompact