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iPhone : THE JUMBIES x Buzzfeed Unsolved

Life's hard enough for a kid with ADHD without monsters messing everything up. But Nyma is an expert at making things worse, so she accidentally gets her sister cursed by the Cady Possum Man. There goes summer break.

#Pitmad #MG #POC #P #ND

Twitter Web App : Bah hum-BUG!

Great info to keep in mind this holiday season.…

iPhone : If you didnt get any #PitMad hits, dont fret! Look at my ZERO REQUESTS below from a 2015 pitch contest -- and HERE AND NOW AND THEN wound up with multiple agent offers, a debut in January and a paperback release last week. Dont give up!

Twitter Web App : Pitch writing:

"Hi please buy my book, it's like nothing you've ever read before, but also it's like these two recently published bestsellers."

TweetDeck : Hey, did you know I made a show where I, a plus size lady, went to 8 cities with just the clothes on my back? Its called The Empty Suitcase Show, it premieres this Saturday at 8 PM PST on the BuzzFeed facebook pages, and Id love to talk to literally any media human about it.

TweetDeck : We have a Ring camera at one of our offices that provides counsel to immigrants in Texas.

On reading this we are taking it down today. If data is shared with the police, they can share it with ICE.

Throw your Ring in the trash.…

iPhone : srsly tho. the world sucks that two genuinely sweet dudes have to rely on the kindness of strangers to get to eat for the next while. can you help them out and/or signal boost? whats been given so far has gone to immediate needs (is gone). $LiamLWolf1 #transcrowdfund #crowdfund

iPhone : Manga letterers! Here is a big-ish update to my manga scripts for InDesign. I’ll try to add some more explanation of how the new stuff works, but in the meantime, enjoy:…