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Bio An online event designed to champion, celebrate, and amplify the voices of women in language learning.
Tickets open now for 7-10 March 2019.

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Tweetbot for Mac : Passion for Dreaming What a great & generous idea! When we close the Facebook group, a survey will go out asking for your thoughts & recommendations. Meanwhile you can also suggest her with an email to womeninlanguage@gmail.com

Tweetbot for Mac : .Elena Mutonono is one of the most recent women in language that I discovered through the womeninlanguage conference. She is making an impact in the language community through transforming online language teachers into teacherpreneurs.

Tweetbot for Mac : Women in Language Stats!!
This weekend we had
* 34 speakers in 11 countries
* 500 attendees in 50 countries
* 36 live sessions
* 31 raffle prizes worth $4500+
* unmeasurable fun

Thank you so much to speakers, attendees, ticket donors and sponsors. YOU RULE

Buffer : Falling in love can start with a look or a wink or a word...renowned author Susanna Zaraysky shares her unique story of language love today at Women in Language - hear it live at 17:00 GMT or catch up with a ticket from womeninlanguage.com

Buffer : Elisa Polese is what youd find under super multi duper lingual in the Women in Language dictionary. How does she do it? Lots of little secrets! And shes sharing 10 of them in her talk today at womeninlanguage.com #WomeninLanguage

Tweetbot for Mac : “Sometimes we're not clear with ourselves on our why, we're crowded with other people's whys” - #WomeninLanguage chatroom wisdom from Elfin

Buffer : Do you struggle with anxiety, nerves, the overwhelm of daily life? Youre not alone. Kind-hearted Elena Gabrielli has prepared a whole host of great tips for you and shes sharing them at Women in Language...thats at womeninlanguage.com today at 14:00 GMT