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Bio I once was lost, but now Im found I once was blind, but now I see.
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Android : San Francisco is now a 💩🕳 country!

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Android : President Trump continues to keep his promises to the American People! He’s still working hard to Make America Great Again! #ProGod #ProLife #ProGun #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸#Trump2020LandslideVictory
#PromisesMadePromisesKept 🇺🇸

Android : I have no problem allowing people the religion of their choice, but this is NOT a religion of peace!
They are trained to treat women like S#%T & kill at a young age!Trump is right trying to protect this countrys values & against terrorism.


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Android : False reporting yesterday. “There are no plans to send migrants to Northern or Coastal Border facilities, including Florida.” Fox News Not by airplanes or any other way. Our Country is FULL, will not, and can not, take you in!

Android : There are Conservatives across our nation who are busy running ranches, farms, and businesses. Many dont really care to get involved in politics or vote. BUT, you MUST get involved to save our nation in 2020. America NEEDS YOU so she can remain America..🤔

#MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Android : Courts & Dems in Congress, neither of which have a clue, are trying to FORCE migrants into our Country! OUR COUNTRY IS FULL, OUR DETENTION CENTERS, HOSPITALS & SCHOOLS ARE PACKED. Crazy!

Android : Hey Patriots:


Today I was cruising in the waters of Baltimore. When I saw FT. McHenry.

General Flynn I couldn’t help but think of you. When Francis Scott Key came out and wondered if all was lost.
In the dawns early light he saw the Flag waving 🇺🇸


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Android : You the best C-Long! Gonna miss you brotha. Congrats on a heck of a career. Great player, but even better teammate and person. Much love brotha! Chris Long twitter.com/joel9one/statu…

Android : NEW: In an email to our staff, Bongino.com is changing our style guide when reporting on liberals:

-Liberals will be referred to as “fact-challenged conspiracy theorists”

-Journalists will be referred to as “Gaslighting propagandists” or “Liberal Activists.” twitter.com/markdistef/sta…

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Android : Mark R. Levin The Dems have operated openly with impunity for so long that they no longer try to hide their criminal & treasonous actions. I am equally troubled by the willful ignorance of some GOPers. From Cicero: a nation can survive its fools & the ambitious. But not treason from within.