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Twitter for iPad : Y’all relationships don’t work because you think it’s okay to ignore somebody when you mad instead of being an adult and communicating

Twitter for iPad : I wanna marry someone who makes me laugh when I’m mad

Twitter for iPad : i’m a slut for lying in bed for hours doing nothing productive

Twitter for iPad : i hate when i’m listening to music really loud and i have to keep pausing it because i constantly think i’m hearing my name being called

Twitter for iPad : at the airport and a bottle of water is €4.80 - sorry but i’d rather die of dehydration

Twitter for iPad : am i the only one who rewrites keyboard smashes if it looks too ugly?? 😬

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Twitter for iPad : my enderman boyfriend taking me out on a date in minecraft 🙈💖

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iPhone : See how all men can come together when one of them is in trouble meanwhile they go blind whenever women need help? That’s why we should stick together instead of pitting successful women against each other. Wake tf up twitter.com/popaiertnews/s…

iPhone : imagine being this disgusting and ignorant, wow twitter.com/bintabii/statu…

iPhone : if you ever left me a message asking if i got home safe, or if i'm okay, or liked a post where i'm ranting about a bad day, or anything like that.. just know that i remember you and i'm grateful for that small gesture that may have made my day better

iPhone : me when i try to listen to any artist other than peppa

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