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iPhone : My manager was explaining the difference when she starts at 10:30 compared to 10 and how the extra half hour makes a huge difference then had the audacity to ask me to start at 9:30 instead of 10 like I was meant to tomorrow. I QUIT.

iPhone : ExHullKiwi Yeah wow the power of camera angles 😂 Bateman is 6”1 and the Burgess twins (yes I can’t tell who’s actually next to him) are 6”4’/6”5’

iPhone : me: astrology is so fucking dumb what is wrong with you all?

also me: it’s funny you see, the love language I give is words of affirmation but the love language I receive is physical touch or quality time. It’s so ISFJ of me

iPhone : Eeeek. I get why SBW would assume his post was deleted for bigoted reasons because that’s the way the world is unfortunately but knowing the real reason just makes me shake my head. the? photographer? It’s not that hard 🤷🏻‍♀️

iPhone : I have confirmation the professional photographer who took this picture complained to Instagram after his byline was cropped out. Fair enough…

iPhone : Trying to explain to a guy why you’ve never had a boyfriend is honestly a form of torture. I DON’T KNOW GEORGE. IF I KNEW I WOULDN’T BE TALKING TO YOU WOULD I?

iPhone : Appreciation post for Tina. There aren’t too many people in the world as selfless and generous as her. Will literally drop everything to help someone she cares about. It’s honestly gobsmacking.

iPhone : “Do you really let your dog sleep in the bed with you??”

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