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Twitter for iPad : lrt grrrr my first and still favourite mx mv

iPhone : My new fav tiktok of the week. A guy snapping the NGE theme

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iPhone : my eyes are slowlu closing at work... why did i choose the overnight bus from mtl 💀

iPhone : bts were so supportive of namjoon passingly saying he wants to become a dad in the future that yoongi almost hand crafted him an infant on spot

iPhone : 🐨 : me? i wanna be a dad...
🐱 : ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃⁿ
🐨 : s-someday...


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iPhone : Me: you gotta control yourself jen, you need to save money for your trip in Japan. SELF CONTROL JEN

Also me: buys a cute corgi plushie with a cute butt, tons of stickers, artworks, pin, I NEED EVERYTHING

iPhone : pls jimin’s reactions to namjoon’s spoiler mouth are sending me sjsjsjsjjs

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