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Bio Psychotherapist, co-author of the NYT bestseller The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, #DutyToWarn #Pathocracy #PositiveDisintegration
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Twitter Web App : "The whole law of growth is movement away from self.

We can only become by leaving ourselves. . . .
. . . .It's not things but self that has to be denied."

Ruth Burrows

Twitter Web App : Blythe Gryphon Satan was unavailable for the Trumpian office of religious outreach, so he sent his apprentice, Paula White. She is perfect for the position. And just the right pastor for Trump.

Twitter Web App : Walt Corey Matt Birnbaum George Conway Globalization also means that kids in China work 12 hr shifts 7 days a week for pennies so that Americans can buy more environment polluting junk, while their corporate overlords grow in wealth & power. The net result is the increase in human, & not only, suffering.

Twitter Web App : Blues for Pete Walt Corey George Conway There is always hope. Pathocracy is doomed to fail. Tho that usually happens after the severe damage it inflicts becomes unbearable for a critical mass of citizenry. We may not be there yet.

As to the cult members, most of them are beyond help, at this stage at least.

Twitter Web App : Matt Birnbaum George Conway Walt Corey In psychopaths, intelligence is subsumed under & used in service of primitive drives (for power & sex). They may have cognitive understanding of right & wrong, but choose the latter w/o emotional cost (guilt & shame). This is an impaired conscience.

Twitter Web App : "Hell is empty
And all the devils are here."
~William Shakespeare, "The Tempest"…

Twitter Web App : George Conway Of course.

His stunning POV applies not just to our government and country, but the whole world. Nah, the existing reality as we know it.

Twitter Web App : George Conway He doesn't know and he doesn't care. He doesn't know *because* he doesn't care.

This whole presidenting shtick for Trump is about grabbing more money and power, and looking good on TV. The rest--like the actual governing--is (unpleasant) noise.

Twitter Web App : Pathocracy--the rule of psychopaths & other conscience deficient individuals--is established by erasing truth and perverting values. Psychopaths & ilk don't understand morality & have no use for it.

With time, the pathology of the disordered ruling elite becomes the social norm.…