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Mars the Astro Tabby

Bio simply likes cats and astronomy. Mars was born on 4/18/2019. adopted 2 months old. almost totally ginger. has absolutely special rainbow🌈 eyes
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iPhone : Found a family this afternoon! Cat mommy is very friendly, shows great trust to hooman. Her babies seem about 3-4 weeks, some kind hooman left some food, mommy looks quite healthy! 😺 #catboxsunday

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iPhone : They say I have one of most special eyes... not sure it will change after I grown up😼... adopted cats can be beautiful too!😻#catboxsunday #AdoptDontShop

iPhone : Black cats are actually very soft and mild in their personality, highly suitable for keeping domestically😻. Only be careful after lights out haha😼…

iPhone : Mom took me to vet for rabies shot, I met a huge orange cat there and I was so scared🙀. Luckily he didn’t attack me cause he was focusing on mice in the cage😹. Will I become a giant orange like him? #Caturday