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iPhone : Ariana to the pop girls

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iPhone : What about the life of a 38 year old billionaire wife and mother of three who's considered the greatest entertainer of her generation should be relatable to you?

Arnoldi sweetie what about that sounds like something you should be able to relate to? twitter.com/__tinashe/stat…

iPhone : women are stronger than any man could ever aspire to be. Vanessa Hudgens did Grease Live right after her father died. Halsey performed after having a miscarriage & had to wear a diaper on stage. Women are so strong & resilient & they don’t get enough credit. twitter.com/imthehonestboy…

iPhone : That rapper girl always listed with the pop girls... her impact and success is undeniable. twitter.com/musicnewsfact/…

iPhone : remember when nicki minaj released one of her best verses and y’all slept on it

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iPhone : Little Mix slams Piers Morgan during the “Wasabi” interlude of their LM5 Tour for the journalist’s constant negativity and misogyny towards the group.


iPhone : no fan base goes through what the barbs go through, we get dragged everyday, get a hiatus every week, & constantly ridiculed, it’s hard being a barb

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iPhone : Ariana Grande sends signed merch and a personalized video to a fan who missed the singer’s concert due to a scheduled surgery. 🖤

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iPhone : so happy ariana took her time to send heidi this. that’s why i love her. she cares about people. I ! LOVE ! U ! @arianagrande 😭😭😭

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