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Android : Gregory Levonian Paul Milovanov If instead he broke the bottle on his head, threw him in a trunk, drove him to the woods, stood him against a tree, aimed the rifle at him and after he shit his pants said "ok you pass, the Russians don't shit themselves", that would be funny. But like this, it's just old memes.

Twitter Web App : barttels Anish Koka What isn't dubious is the clear concert efforts of the state to debase the people, sever their ties with nature and tradition, and turn them into neurotransmitter addled tools of the system.

Twitter Web App : barttels Anish Koka I am forced to wonder how many people were now able to obtain contraceptives that couldn't before. It was a dubious argument at the time and it still is today.

Twitter Web App : barttels Bogdan Enache Alexandra Mercescu I wonder if the panelists understand that "people accept populism because it is prevalent in the media" extends to "people accept antipopulism because it is prevalent in the media" and that insofar the mass man has no ideas of his own, he is being ruled by a journalist class.

Twitter Web App : I wonder what's the correlation between your credit score and your running average of overdue Anki cards.