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Bio South African Actress,Movies,Dramas, Theatre.Voice Over Artist,MC.Love Sport,especially Tennis,Athletics, Rugby,Cricket. Music,Sunsets,Love Theatre and Movies.
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Instagram : Coming up this week on THE QUEEN. #TheQueenMzansi
The Khozas are forced to run for their lives as Tembisa revolts. Vuyiswa makes a drastic move to protect herself. Mmabatho & Gracious get roped into the Tembisa……

Android : Shes one of SAs most loved TV & Radio personalities turning all her roles into fan favourites.

The first speaker on the #LiveBetterTalks stage in Mthatha is Vatiswa Ndara

Hurry and get your tickets now:…

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iPhone : See...I’m not the only one...😂😂

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Instagram : Happy Birthday @sicelo_hlophe hope you had a kick ass one and got all that your heart desired. Since I missed the festivities last night, we need our own. May God keep you and bless you. Cheers to the freakin……

Android : Lets love and encourage one another. Its tough in almost everybody but we refuse to remain down. We have hope that no situation is permanent. We push coz we know Ubekhe walunga uThixo,usalungile;uyakuhlala elungile.We push coz we know His sufficient grace. Ungamncami uThixo.

Instagram : Who told us we could outside looking as good as we look, looking all nice and sexy the way we looking going outside??!!

The nerve

The Audacity


The GALL!!!!!


Android : That one done messed with the wrong one. OMG IG: @TamiRoman 🤣🙊🙈🤣😂

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iPhone : This kid is crazy!!! Mad skilled!! He did a Rubik’s cube in 1:30 sec and then I gave him the ultimate challenge a cube I’d never even seen!! And the results!!!


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iPhone : My resistance to contraceptives is more about how angry it makes me that it’s my responsibility alone. It infuriates me that while I pump my body with hormones someone else’s contraceptive method is simply “Musa, I don’t want a child”.

iPhone : I’m so happy I can finally share this with you guys 💪🏽🥰🎉:

I wanted to stop the embarrassment around periods and give information, so I teamed up with Stayfree®️ to create #InSyncWithMadjozi. And they killllled it! 💗💗💗🤗🤗 Check it out: #OurMove #ad

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iPhone : “Lawyers are always confident before the verdict. It’s only afterwards they share their doubts.” Violet Crawley

iPhone : Guys what’s happening!?!?!? I can’t see who just posted me !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Android : Don Rickles messing with Robert De Niro during the filming of Casino.

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Android : So my wifey asked me to cover #SheshaGeza ... 🙈😂

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Facebook : 💃🤸‍♂️👑👑posing lessons from prince Kui prior to my speaking engagement yesterday #LifecoachAndreaDondolo #princepal #Learningmama #ThroughTheEyesOfAToddler #wellness #intention #purpose #actress #screenlife #aloepreneurlifestyle #MamaKui #Kui 📸Mthi Thebe

Celebrating women of YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW.
We will be #honouring women over the next month with special words, women who have #influenced the world and inspired nations.
Photographer: johan baird
Voice: Mpumi Mpama

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iPhone : Even if you dont like me, please watch n listen to this video published on 15 February 2018 on CNBC Africa. With the developments on Cyril n his funders I AM VINDICATED. Thank you

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Instagram : #fbf that time I drove a vintage Plymouth on the set of #losinglerato . What a feeling... This big old gentleman of a vehicle had me swooning by the end of that scene..

iPhone : Guys what’s happening!?!?!? I can’t see who just posted me !!!!!!!!!!!!

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iPhone : Knowing your partners love language is so important. Not listening to them when they tell you how they need to be loved will have them feeling low and neglected. It doesn’t matter how much you THINK you’re loving them. If it’s not in their language, the love won’t reach them.

Android : Minister Nathi Mthethwa also joins in song and dance while the Ndlovu Youth Choir perform for him, this morning at the Market Photoworkshop auditorium

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Twitter Web App : This is Onkgopotse Tiro.
He was 25 years old when he gave a graduation speech in 1972 calling for an end of Bantu education, sparking the beginnings of the 1976 Soweto student uprising. But he never saw the revolution he started.
Tiro was murdered with a parcel bomb in 1974 1/2

Facebook : SALUTE & RESPECT to Andile Mbenyane and Luvo Manyonga.

I see you (Namaste)

Keep inspiring everyone.

It’s possible black child.

Every kid growing up in Mbekweni, Paarl need to know it’s possible.

Let’s keep the fire 🔥

iPhone : Hi ladies . I’m looking for a make up artist for Zozibini tomorrow . Someone in or around Tsolo in the Eastern Cape where she’s from . This is urgent . Please dm me !!!!

Please RT 🙏🏽

iPhone : Kanthan Pillay In the history of SA no Indian was called a kaffir you rat. a [redacted]maybe but not Kaffir.People like you are fucken racist and think a picture with Mandela gives you a pass . Call black people kaffir only on twitter in real life uzonya.Trying hard to stay relavant, it’s sad

Android : Kasi mi alela yini heee? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Android : So my wifey asked me to cover #SheshaGeza ... 🙈😂

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Android : South Africa, we have screwed up just about everything that we have touched in government. SOEs, Public healthcare, public education, the economy, u name them... Trust us, well do the same with NHI...
Yours truly,
African National Congress!

Android : In need of assistance from the RAF and you are around Tsakane? Make your way to Faranani Multipurpose Centre from 08:00 - 16:00 today. #WeCare #ServiceToThePeople #RAFORTsakane

iPhone : COMPASSION, KINDNESS, HUMILITY, GENTLENESS & PATIENCE. I need to improve on all these... I think we all do! Have a great week ahead and try keep these in mind. God Bless