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Bio writer!!! LOOK 👀 coming from Dial in March 2020 // SONG & GRACE out now // always available @ zanopticon @ gmail. she & her & hers.
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Twitter Web App : I am seeing a resurgence of fat jokes on social media lately, and I don't like it! If you're like "but I hate that person so I can laugh at their body" all fat people hear is you laughing at bodies like ours.

iPhone : All the selfies the Kardashians take with each other and their specially appointed BFFs (who can be replaced at any moment!) have highkey male gazey sapphic energy, as Zan Romanoff points out…

Twitter Web App : Emily Gould I think about this a lot: blogs I read with hungry intensity when my own life seemed like it would never get interesting

Twitter Web App : Emily Gould I just suggested that someone I'm editing read this post from '09 about Sad Single Behaviors

Twitter Web App : BuzzFeed Reader this is my eighth piece about the sisters K, my fifth for buzzfeed; if you missed some, catch up here

Twitter Web App : I'm beyond stoked to be moderating a panel for this year's Art Women Art Week! Catch me on the EP LP rooftop on 9/16 with Sabel Braganza, Mei Lin, Amanda Colom and Lauri Kranz… #AWAW

iPhone : doing malort shots on a ktown streetcorner with these dirtbag dreamboats last night was ✨…

Twitter Web App : Bennett Madison my friends have all heard my rant on this, but it's particularly maddening in YA to watch a community of largely female artists being asked to do, essentially, arts and crafts like it's just part of the job


Thread is based on a day's worth of info. I will update it as I learn of more opportunities. It's important to note that rural MS legal & immigration infrastructure is limited & these organizations are in rapid response crisis mode: