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Twitter for iPad : The Court Has Issued Summons to McConnell related to the Garland Nomination 😳 Uh oh!!…

Twitter for iPad : Good Morning ☀️ Evening/Night 🌙
May the Wind be at your back & sails full.
Keep your wings level.....
Buckle Up for a rocky day.

Twitter for iPad : "Corruption isn't a privilege. And compliance isn't voluntary."
-Adam Schiff…

Twitter for iPad : ONE. HEADLIGHT.

If you don't have one, you are pliable, and you can be manipulated.

Now, tell me all about 'President' Trumps 'headlight'. Tell me all about how you think he's 'a man of the people'.

Which people?…

Twitter for iPad : What happened to not disclosing till gone?…

Twitter for iPad : This $$ could feed thousands of people. Instead we pay a private contractor for nothing.
Empty holding facility for migrant children costs $720,000 a day.…

Twitter for iPad : Wouldn’t be the first coverup that one knew about, js.…

Twitter for iPad : All this whistleblower news & not a tweet about it from the man in the oval yet. No public duties scheduled tomorrow either.

Twitter for iPad : Before we send American kids to war to protect Saudi oil interests, can we first talk a little more about them bone-sawing a U.S. journalist?

Twitter for iPad : Why are we even reading this in the The Washington Post? Because intel officers are freaked out by the conduct of President Trump.

Thanks to the free press for bringing critical information to the American people in the face of coverups & obstruction by the Donald J. Trump Administration.…