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Android : Leader McConnell What about the Russian aggression in OUR elections!! How about passing legislation for that, huh #MoscowMitch?? It would be nice to have a free and fair election In 2020 especially after ALL thats come to light!!

Android : This is why the situation is so urgent.

Trump believes he did nothing wrong.

If he's allowed to get away with it, he will do it again.

It's an effort to rig the next election by using the power of the presidency to smear his opponents.…

Android : Do you support an impeachment effort by the House based solely on the #CoverUp scandal?

#retweet for a larger pool!

Android : How could I resist vetting someone who describes themselves as a "Cranky old Broad" You are fully vetted and safe to follow Jane Jane Henderson . I have a feeling the rest of the Resister Family can't resist following you either. How about it family? Can We Follow & R/T to Unite…

Android : Women in the US are 25 times more likely to die from gun violence than any other high income country.

Every day 100 Americans die from Gun Violence.

You do the math.

Leader McConnell refuses to bring #GunSense Laws to a vote.

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Android : Child Abuse has far-reaching impacts. New cases in a single year cost $124 Billion in

-lost worker productivity
-health care costs
-special education costs
-child welfare expenditures
-criminal justice expenditures

Enough to send 1.7 million kids to college


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Android : Rarely do you have the criminal say: “Look at me! I’m committing a crime! And now watch me cover it up!” Only a fucking moron has that unique talent.