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Android : Here’s Rick Santorum. He’s been paying a company to get his pics completely removed from the internet. Be a shame if people were to copy this one and tweet it out again

Android : Not this again. Russians were impersonating Americans on #Facebook, not in person at polls. It's well past time to get serious about defending democracy from *real* threats identified by national security experts. Support the bipartisan bills that will protect our 2020 elections.…

Android : Remember that white kid who made a lemonade stand to donate the funds to trumps wall, went viral and got on national television? Well, how about we have the same energy for 3-yo Ava Lewis who is selling lemonade to buy diapers for moms in need?

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Android : Go New York, they really hate him, name the street the tRump towers is on after Obama, name a landfill after him!!…

Android : ❌Repeal and replace Obamacare: Failed

❌Get Mexico to pay for the wall: Failed

❌Eliminate national debt: Failed

❌Win trade war with China: Failed

❌Peace with North Korea: Failed

❌Bring jobs back to America: Failed

Android : WATCH: “My recommendation is to keep Marysville a WHITE community as much as possible.”

- Jean Cramer, city council candidate in Marysville, Michigan.

White nationalists are slithering out of the woodwork in Trump’s America.

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Android : The House Select Committee on Benghazi just released its report. It totally absolves Hillary Clinton and blames the deaths on a slow military reponse. Mind you, this was released by Devin Nunes who must admit that Hillary's testimony was truthful and the GOP accusations were BS.