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Twitter Web Client : i ordered a friend a bday cake and wrote a dumb message but got clowned when i called to confirm the order and the lady had to repeat it back to me in a monotone voice, and i in equal monotone had to reply "yes, and don't forget the three exclamation points" 😐

Android : I'm not drawing anything bc I can't decide whether to draw OCs or Persona so help me pls for my sake:

Android : gotta bounce ⌒₊‧☆*
Happy sixth anniversary 방탄소년단!!
thank you for the joy you spread every day, thank you for letting me meet some of my best friends ♡

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Android : In this endless sea...
What a relief that we are seven. What a relief that we have each other.
#2019BTSFESTA #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS

Android : fluffy 🥺

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Android : [#BTSWORLD_OST] 가끔씩 이 모든 게 꿈은 아닌가 싶어
방탄소년단 두 명의 랩라인이 참여한 BTS WORLD OST🎵
세 번째 유닛 <RM X 슈가> 얼른 나와라ㅏㅏㅏ
#6월21일 #금요일 #세번째유닛공개
#70억가지의것들 #RMxSUGA
#방탄소년단 #BTS #BTSWORLD #BTS월드

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