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Twitter Web App : Can we start right here on twitter a simple movement demanding that Trump resign, for the sake of the country? No signatures, no tallies, no organization -- just tweets and emails, requesting this over and over again. Let's see what we the people can do.

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: Trump just admitted he refuses to call Governors of states he doesn’t like. He has Pence or others call instead. Americans are dying. And he’s acting like a toddler.

Twitter Web App : While we battle the public health crisis of the Coronavirus and ensure we put #FamiliesFirst, Trump is *still* trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act — and our protections for pre-existing conditions.

Pass it on.

Twitter Web App : We wish everyone the best of health and happiness. Are you ready for the Lev Parnas #DailyTriviaChallenge? Today’s questions: (5) who is playing the bass guitar?; (6) date and location? #PhotosWithLev #LevRemembers

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Twitter Web App : Please share and retweet this, we have the ability to significantly ameliorate the medical supply shortage if we can contact the right people! #CoronavirusUpdates #Covid_19

Twitter Web App : Bureaucracy and red tape are making this hard, but if anyone knows of any hospitals or facilities that are in need of the following, please DM me:

Surgical masks
Face masks
Surgical gowns

Twitter Web App : THREAD: I mostly talk about movies on here, but here goes. We are currently pivoting our factory to solely make surgical masks and other medical garments in short supply. We can make 2 million masks a day, and are looking to help in any way possible during this time. #COVID19

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Twitter Web App : 🚨NY has a critical need for PPE including gloves, gowns & masks🚨

We need companies to be creative to supply the crucial gear our healthcare workers need. NY will pay a premium and offer funding.

Need Funding? 📞212-803-3100
Have Unused Supplies? 📞646-522-8477

SHARE widely.

Twitter Web App : Bernie Sanders is now trying to use the Coronavirus to help his campaign. He’s busy attacking Biden — last time I checked, Biden wasn’t in charge of our Coronavirus response — instead of Trump. But this is what Bernie always does, when in doubt attack a Dem rather than the GOP.