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iPhone : bomani bruh how many years you gonna throw that extra A in Athletic? It’s ain’t cute or funny no more. Or that played out Ike Turner “narcotic”

iPhone : The Junkies early sweep is a risk because Astros/Dodgers won’t be over quickly. We could get cold. But ya gotta love this dominance after 4 playoff runs of early outs. Also eliminating Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers and Cards to get there?!

iPhone : Golic and Wingo Mike Golic Jr 7 years and our 5th playoff run gives us no respect because of early outs. This run is monumentally different. Thank you Tim Kurkjian It’s HOW they’re winning. Taking Phillies (Bryce), Cubs, Dodgers and Cards out who’ve all owned us at some point.

iPhone : Russillo Bayless. When the Boys are playing. When the Spurs play. When Lebron looses. When Kawhi wins. Oh wait, he’s just annoying

iPhone : bomani interesting that Sally apologized for the rightful take on Kirk. He’s been a 500 qb at best since the beginning. She’s 1 of the loudest female voices who got Cam dropped from Dannon. She should’ve been wise enough to see immaturity vs misogyny The Washington Post finest

iPhone : Golic and Wingo Aaron Jones wasn’t getting through that line. Neither was Aaron Rodgers. It wasn’t truly on the 1 yard line. They were never really that close. Jimmy dropped the tying TD